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Graduates of Agricultural and Extension Education receive a broad-based education in agricultural education, Extension education, and agricultural communications. As a result, they have numerous job opportunities upon graduation.

Careers in Agricultural Education

Careers in Agricultural Science

Careers in Extension Education

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What Can I Do With An AEE Degree? The following is a list of what our recent graduates are doing.

Agricultural Science Positions

  • Account Manager, Agri-Business Communications
  • Account Manager, Exhibit Resources Inc.
  • Public Relations Director, Prestage Farms
  • Public Relations, Educational Materials Company
  • Public Relations, Agricultural Consulting Company
  • Executive Director, Small Grains Association
  • Marketing Specialist, Food Service Industry, NC Department of Agriculture
  • Marketing Department, North Carolina Department of Agriculture
  • Department of Human Resources, SAS Institute

Agricultural Education Positions

  • Secondary Agricultural Education Teacher
  • Middle School Agricultural Education Teacher
  • Middle Grades Science Teacher
  • Community College Instructor
  • Education Specialist, Botanical Gardens
  • Agricultural Industry Positions
  • Agricultural Sales, Aventis Crop Science
  • Agricultural Sales, Syngenta Agricultural Chemicals
  • Agricultural Sales, Monsanto Agricultural Chemicals
  • Crop Protection Consultant
  • Regional Representative, Aldi Foods
  • Environmental Specialist, Water Quality
  • Production Agriculture, Dairy Farm
  • Production Agriculture, Crop Production
  • Poultry Technician, Perdue
  • Residential Landscaping
  • Manager, Swine Facility
  • Manager, Retail Nursery
  • Sales, Industrial Solvents
  • Turf Management Specialist, NC State University

Cooperative Extension Positions

  • County Director, Cooperative Extension
  • 4-H Agent
  • Livestock Agent
  • Crops Agent
  • Home Horticulture Agent
  • Family and Consumer Sciences Agent
  • 4-H Specialists, State 4-H Office
  • Extension Specialist, Technology

Graduate School

  • Graduate School, East Carolina University
  • Graduate School, NC State University
  • Graduate School, University of Missouri
  • Graduate School, University of Kentucky
  • Graduate School, Clemson University
  • Graduate School, North Carolina A & T State University
  • Law School, Texas Tech University
  • Law School, University of North Carolina
  • Vet School, NC State University

Other Careers

Manager, Youth Camps, Girl Scouts of America